How to solve the food crisis?

Vegetarian food can fundamentally solve the earth's food crisis

According to the United Nations statistics, every 2.3 seconds, a child dies from hunger. When you finished reading this sentence of about 60 words, there are already four children died of hunger because they did not have enough food to eat.

Vegetarian food can save hunger, because if we do not waste valuable agricultural resources in meat production, these children will not die. More than 1 billion of the world's population lives in hunger. It is shocking and sad that 45% of the world's food consumption is used to feed livestock. The number of developed countries is up to 2/3, and 9 billion livestock in the United States consume 7 times as much grain as the Americans.

A nutritionist at the Harvard University, J. Mayer, estimates that if the United States cuts meat products by 10%, it will be enough to feed 60 million people. And if every person in North America eats a vegetarian diet a week, the spared foodstuff can feed 16 million people.

Among the foods we eat, meat is the most wasteful and the most uneconomical.

The resource consumed to produce 1 kilogram of meat protein is 20 times that of the same amount of vegetable protein.

We can only consume 10% of the protein and calories we feed to livestock, the remaining 90% are washed into the drains.

A cow consumes 990 liters of water before it produces 1 liter of milk.

It needs 4,130 liters of water (almost 6 months of your bath water)to produce a kilogram of meat, while less than 310 liters of water are needed to produce a kilogram of wheat flour.

The production of 1 calorie of animal protein uses 11 times as much energy as in producing 1 calorie of vegetable protein.

Meat eaters had about 17 times more carbon emissions than organic vegetarian consumers. The resources used for 1 meat eater can support 20 to 50 vegetarians.

If we use the grains for feeding livestock to feed the poor and the malnourished, then, there will be no hungry people in the world. If we reduce meat consumption by half, then we will have enough food to feed people in the third world countries.

The food you choose determines the fate of the third world children who are dying of starvation. Please join us in reducing meat consumption.

The survival of Earth’s humanity begins with changing diet

Vegetarian food is the most effective way to alleviate earth warming

Animal husbandry is the No. 1 culprit of global warming, and 18% of the world's greenhouse gas comes from it. The methane emitted from the farts and feces of the herd causes the earth to warm up 20 times faster than that of carbon dioxide.

From farming, transporting to slaughtering and distributing, 1 kilogram of beef will generate 36.4 kilograms of carbon dioxide, and approximately 1110 trees are needed to counterpoise the emission.

In order to supply large quantities of meat, animal husbandry adopts consistent operations and production. They waste a lot of land, water, electricity, manpower, and grain. Deforestation, barren land, greenhouse effect, and environmental pollution caused by the cutting down of large numbers of trees have caused the consequences of global warming, extreme weather, and the extinction of a large number of plants and animals.

If one person eats three vegetarian meals a day, he can reduce carbon dioxide emissions from 2 to 4.1 kilograms or more, equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by 67 to 360 trees a day.

If there are 10 million vegetarians a day, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 20,000 to 40,000 tons, which is equivalent to a day's carbon absorption of about 6 to 36 billion trees.

University of Chicago study pointed out that to combat climate change, eating vegetarian food is more effective than switching to hybrid electric vehicles.

Dr. Jane Goodall once said: “It is surprising that the world has not yet confronted the fact that meat diets will increase climate warming, but we hold hope.”

Bill Gates said publicly: "the future of the earth depends on plant based food. Our environment is in urgent need of getting rid of these animal foods."

U.S. President Obama’s family is vegetarian, and he also appealed: “Every family can make the most important contribution to the world and adopt a vegan lifestyle. This change is really urgent, and it is also the greatest individual contribution to the world.”

The recent report of the United Nations concluded that turning the world into a pure vegetarian diet is the key to solving the most serious problems caused by climate change.

”The survival of the earth must start with changing food intake, because the most effective way to effectively slow down global warming is to reduce meat consumption.”

The food you choose concerns how long the earth can exist.

Please join us in reducing meat consumption.

There are many benefits of vegetarian diets

Benefits of Vegetarian Diets

According to scientists, human physiological structure is between vegetarian and carnivorous animals, but closer to vegetarian animals. The digestive tract of carnivorous animal is short. Because the spoilage of meat is very fast, it is not suitable for it to remain in the body for too long, so as to avoid harm. However, the digestive tract of vegetarian animal is comparatively long and winding, so that vegetables and fruits could be slowly digested. Therefore, human physiological structure is indeed more suitable for vegetarian diet.

Some people believe that vegetarian food does not provide enough nutrition and that vegetarians become weak and unhealthy, but look at me! I have been a vegetarian since childhood, and I have grown up tall and strong. Furthermore, consider the generations of great monks who have been vegetarians for decades, well into their seventies and eighties, and still maintain a youthful, ruddy complexion as well as strong, healthy bodies.

The benefits of being a vegetarian are numerous. Generally speaking, those who eat meat appear a little heavier, while the features of vegetarians are a bit more delicate and refined. Buddhism teaches that one’s appearance is dependent on the mind, and according to some evidence, people who eat a lot of animal protein tend to have more aggressive and violent tendencies, while vegetarians are more gentle and tolerant. Therefore, the food eaten everyday does affect a person's personality and temperament.

Moreover, the outbreaks of infectious diseases like mad-cow disease, SARS, and bird flu have spawned global panics, causing people to worry about whether or not they will end up eating some diseased meat. Being a vegetarian enables one to avoid eating livestock that may be carrying such diseases.

The world’s animals can be divided into two categories. Animals like elephants, camels, horses, and cattle are herbivores who eat grass and have great endurance: a horse can travel hundreds of miles in a day, an ox can pull a cart and till the fields, and a pigeon can fly hundreds of miles. Carnivores like jackals, wolves, tigers, leopards, and lions may be ferocious and savage, yet they lack staying power. There is an old Chinese saying, “After three strikes, a tiger lacks energy.”

The world triathlon champion, Sixto Linares, is a vegetarian who holds the world record in swimming, cycling, and long distance running. He once said: ”When I was a senior high school student, my parents were very upset because I abstained from eating meat. Fourteen years later, they finally accepted that being a vegetarian is good for me.”

In the past, Americans employed two Buddhist practices to train astronauts. The first is the practice of vegetarianism, to cultivate endurance; second is to learn meditation, to develop concentration. The space of the space capsule is small, it is indeed not easy for astronauts who have no endurance and concentration to spend those long and lonely days.

The British playwright, Bernard Shaw, was a vegetarian. A group of doctors repeatedly suggested that he had to eat meat, or be starved to death, but he lived to the age of 90. In modern times, the medical community in western countries also strongly advocates reducing meat in the diet, because meat has high fat and cholesterol content easily causing blood vessel hardening that is detrimental to human body. The vegetarian diet helps to eliminate toxin in the body, and is regarded as a blood purifying agent.

During the first World War, coalition forces set up roadblocks, affecting import goods to Denmark. The Danish government was worried about food shortage, so it implemented the national food rationing plan. Due to the lack of meat imports, the Danish people could only rely on cereals, dairy products, vegetable & fruit that resulted to improved health condition and significant reduction in mortality. After the war, they resumed eating meat and the mortality rate rapidly restored to pre -war numbers. Such a result can at least prove that humans can live healthily without meat.

A few years ago, the media reported a thirteen year old American child prodigy ,Greg Leigh ,who will graduate from the university and plan to finish four Ph.D. before his eighteen years of age. Unlike other prodigies, he is a vegetarian. He believes that vegetarian can keep the mind lucid and the body healthy. Due to his commitment to child welfare, he has been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize at a very young age.

Buddhism does not require its adherents to become vegetarian, but there are many benefits that come from a vegetarian diet, including increased endurance, moderate emotions, and easier cultivation. For example, Fo Guang Shan has many young novice monks who often participate in friendly basketball matches with students from nearby universities. On the court you can watch the players on the other team become winded and sweaty, asking to be substituted out, after playing for a short period of time, while the novices are still running up and down the court. When asked if they want to be substituted they say, “Why? I still have energy!”

Moreover, the more than one thousand monastics of Fo Guang Shan work unceasingly to spread the Dharma for the benefit of living beings from morning to night. Besides six hours of sleep, most of their time each day is spent in working. They neither complain about hardship nor grouse about fatigue. So how can this possibly be? Originally, I could make no sense of these questions, but later on I realized that vegetarianism had a lot to do with it. A vegetarian diet increases one’s stamina.

It is not without justification that Chinese folk have passed on the vegetarian habits on the first and fifteen of the month. According to what scientific research has discovered, people’s emotions are more easily stimulated when the moon is full, while such emotions are at a lower ebb than normal on the first day of the lunar month. Some say that by eating vegetarian food, people can easily adjust their minds and bodies to deal with different emotions to attain serenity.

In addition, a vegetarian diet can improve your sitting meditation and nurture your compassion. Vegetarians have pure minds with few desires, they are softer and more peaceful in their temperaments, and they tend to live longer. Experts have shown that vegetarianism can even protect the environment and reduce world conflict. Why are there so many wars in the world? In Buddhism there is a verse that says: Wishing to understand whence come eons of warfare, Just listen to the sounds from the butcher’s door at night!

Vegetarianism also has its shortcomings. For one, hunger comes easily. However, experiencing hunger easily indicates that one can more easily digest things, so vegetarianism is conducive to better physical health. Vegetarianism is slowly becoming a familiar lifestyle. Despite the different motivations of each vegetarian, as long as they have the correct concept and they cook their food well, vegetarianism will have a positive effect upon the mind and body.

To be a vegetarian is a natural course of event and cannot be forced. In the past , Venerable Master Hong Yi and Feng Zikai collaboratively compiled “Illustrations of Life Protection “ which was reprinted and circulated in Taiwan. After reading the book, many people had the thought of becoming a vegetarian base on the reason in “protecting life”. Therefore, do not force others to be vegetarian. Otherwise, they will not only dare not to practice Buddhism, but also will have antipathy to vegetarian food. After having the religious faith, through the practice, one will slowly understand the benefits of vegetarianism, and naturally will want to eat vegetarian food.

Excerpts from Buddhism and Vegetarianism by Ven. Master Hsing Yun , Translated and edited by Fo Guang Shan International Translation Center

Health’s Killer

What diseases can be caused by too much meat?

Meat is the most common food eaten by many people besides the staple food. But what side effects can it have if eating too much of it?

1. Eating meat has the risk of hypertensive heart disease

The United States of America is the largest meat consumption country in the world. One of every two persons in the country had died of heart and vascular diseases. The incidence of these diseases is low in countries with low meat consumption.

The US government has set up "Cardiogenic Etiology Research Committee" to study the guiding principles of life that can stop this disease. The committee's study concluded that in order to maintain moderate blood cholesterol, people should take less than 10% of the total calories from saturated fat (animal foods).

The specific recommendations in the report are: eat less meat, egg yolk and animal fat. The report further suggested: to eat in moderation, eat less food rich in saturated fat, strict control of food rich in cholesterol, including liver, brain and other animal organs, eggs, and seafood with shells. Eat more coarse grains, fruits and vegetables.

In 1961, the Journal of American Medical Association reported that "vegetarian diet can at least prevent 90-97%'s heart disease." After all, what is in the meat that causes great damage to the circulatory system?

The human body cannot completely breakdown fat and cholesterol in meat. These fats will attach to the wall of blood vessels of meat eaters. Over time, the inner diameter of the blood vessels become more and more narrow, and the amount of blood that can pass through will become less and less. This dangerous situation is called heart disease. It puts a heavy burden on the heart, forcing it to send blood to the obstructed and constricted blood vessels. High blood pressure, cerebral congestion, palpitations and other problems then emerge.

Harvard scientists have found that vegetarians generally have lower blood pressure than those who are non- vegetarians. During the Korean War, two hundred United States soldiers, aged 22 years of age, were examined. About 80% of them, due to the obstruction of meat waste, had occurrence of arteriosclerosis, while the Korean soldiers of the same age did not have such a phenomenon (at that time, Koreans basically ate only coarse vegetables). Human killer: cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, etc., is now quite common.

More and more doctors (such as the American Heart Association) strictly limit their patients' intake of meat, and even require patients to abstain from meat. Scientists now recognize that rough fiber in vegetarian diets can really reduce cholesterol. Dr. Joan Sabate, chair of the Department of Nutrition at the University of Loma Linda California, has proven that even if you eat a lot of cream, the substances in the beans can still reduce the cholesterol, which is another important reason for vegetarians to be healthier than meat eaters.

2. Animal diseases carried by meat foodstuff

Another danger faced by meat eater is that animals often are infected with diseases, especially animals in intensive animal raising farms. These diseases are often undetectable by meat dealers or inspectors, and the rules for the implementation of food safety laws do not mention the extent of disease monitoring for meat.

When a part of the animal's body is found to have cancer or tumor, that part is cut off, and the rest is sold to the market. To make matters worse, the parts that had tumor are mixed into meat to make hot dogs, ham or stuffing. In one area of the United States, 25000 corpses with tumors are sold to the market daily.

Scientists found in experiments that if fish were fed with the liver of sick animals, the fish would get cancer. What is alarming is that there are more and more animals suffering from blood cancer in the culture environment. It can be said that none of the animals in an intensive farm are healthy and normal. This has become a fact rather than an alarmist.

Dr. J.H.Kellog, a famous vegetarian, (doctor who cures disease base on vegetarian diets). When he sat down to dinner, he said, "It’s a good thing that you don't have to worry about what kind of disease you eat when eating."

3. Be cautious of meat poisoning

Because of extreme fear and great pain of animals while being slaughtered, they produced great amount of biochemical toxins throughout the body that spread to the entire carcass. According to the British Encyclopedia, the toxins in the animal body, including uric acid and a variety of toxic secretions, hormones, excreta and persistent organic pollutants are found throughout the blood and body tissues.

Just as our body gets sick when we have fear, anger or anxiety, animals will have great biochemical changes in extremely dangerous situations. When they are being slaughtered and desperately struggling for life, the body would secrete a variety of hormones, especially adrenaline. After death, a large number of hormones are left in the meat, which then poisons the consumer's body tissue. The American Nutrition Agency has already pointed out that animal corpses are substances rich in toxins.

4. Beware of the chemical poisons of meat foods

Insecticide (pesticide)

Food intake can be explained by the food chain: Plants absorb sunlight, air, water and nutrients to maintain life. Animals eat plants, big animals eat small animals, and meat is the last link in the food chain. Nowadays, most of the farmland in the world uses toxic chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, growth hormones, etc.) to control pests and increase production.

These poisons remain in animals that eat plants and grass, or even fats in fish.

For example, spraying DDT in farmland as an insecticide is a strong poison that can cause cancer, infertility or severe liver disease. When cattle and sheep eat grass or feed, DDT and other insecticides are stored in their bodies. Once stored, they are difficult to decompose. So when you eat meat, you eat the essence of DDT and other toxic chemicals accumulated in the animal body into your body. People who eat meat become the final absorbers of all kinds of pesticides, toxins and harmful chemicals.

The Iowa State University experiment shows that DDT contained in meat is at least 13 times higher than the amount in vegetables, fruits, and grass. And most of the DDT in the body is derived from meat.

Hormone and antibiotics

In order to accelerate the growth and obesity of animals and improve the color and texture of meat to maximize profits, animals are forcibly fed, injected with hormones, appetizers, antibiotics, tranquilizers and chemical formulas to stimulate growth.

The New York Times reported, "the great potential crisis for meat intake is that residual pesticides, nitrates, hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals which are all invisible killers.” Most of these chemicals were identified as carcinogens in 1971.

And in fact, many animals died from these drugs before they were slaughtered. “Most animals have never seen sunlight. They are caged in narrow, repressive and cold environment. The final outcome is tragic death.

The Chicago forum reports on the situation of chicken farms: The chicks are hatched in the uppermost layer. They are then stimulated to grow through medicine and forced feeding so they engorge on the food inside a small cage with no room to exercise and no fresh air. When they grow up, they would be transferred down to the next layer of the cage, one layer at a time until they reach the bottom layer and ready to be slaughtered.

This kind of unnatural growth process causes farm animals to be physically and mentally unhealthy. More unfortunately, human malignant tumors and other malformation fetus have increased due to ignorance in consuming the unhealthy food.

5. Meat leads to difficult excretion and constipation

Human digestive system is not suitable to eat meat, so meat eaters often have difficulties in excretion.

Meat does not contain fiber, so it moves very slowly in the digestive tract (4 times slower than cereals, fruits and vegetables). Therefore, chronic constipation in meat eaters is almost a common distress.

Abnormal defecation produces many diseases, such as sensitive skin (face blain). Compared with meat, vegetables, cereals and fruits have more water content and are easier to pass through the digestive tract. Vegetables have a large number of natural fibers, which can effectively prevent intestinal cancer, appendicitis, colitis, heart disease and obesity.

The final conclusions of this authoritative report are:

1. Eating too much meat in developed countries is a wrong eating pattern.

2. The main causes of cancer, heart disease, cerebral apoplexy and diabetes are improper diet.

3. Adult and chronic diseases cannot be cured by medicine or surgery.

4. Crime, domestic violence and school violence are partly due to dietetic errors.

5. In theory, all diseases can be cured and rehabilitated depending on dietetic improvement.

6. It is noteworthy that people who eat more vegetables, fruits and grains with herbivorous diets are healthier than those who have meat eating habit.

How much time do we have?

How terrible is global warming? We only have 15 years to stop this disaster!

Alien invasion? Nuclear war? Infectious disease? Economic collapse? Which one do you think is the greatest threat to mankind today? You may not have guessed that global warming may be the greatest threat to mankind. It may even turn into a combined disaster of joint infectious disease, famine and social unrest.

What is global warming? Can global warming really happen?

Global warming is now in progress, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner, using a computer climate model, indicates that global warming is almost certain (95% possible) base on the "climate change assessment report", is caused by human.

Will climate catastrophe occur after a long time from now?

IPCC confirmed that the catastrophe of climate change is not a distant future. Most people can live to see it. There are only 15 years left to stop this disaster.

Carbon dioxide can remain in the atmosphere for a long time. If the world stops producing any carbon dioxide immediately, then the concentration of carbon dioxide in the earth's air is the green line in the figure below. It will take nearly 100 years to return to 350 ppm in the year 2000, but it cannot return to the 280 ppm before the industrial revolution.

If CO2 emissions are stopped before 2030, it will take almost 300 years to reach 350 ppm (blue line). If emissions are to cease until 2050, carbon dioxide will look like the red line below, and it will last for thousands of years! Carbon dioxide concentration - If humans suddenly disappear in 2015, 2030, and 2050, the residual carbon dioxide remaining will still last for thousands of years.

Can hot weather cause death?

Does "global warming" only melt the icebergs of south and north poles, raise sea level causing the drowning of polar bears, and extreme weather?

The United Nations World Health Organization estimates that global warming has caused more than 140,000 deaths in 2004; the number of deaths from malaria in Africa may even reach 170 million by 2030, and the number of people infected with dengue fever worldwide may reach as high as 20 billion by 2080. Climate change will also cause a great deal of global crop failure, production and rapid decline in fishing industry, and even wars between countries will be fought for resources.

Research on history also found that whenever temperatures rise, war and turmoil increase.

When these disasters happen, people will only accuse the visible immediate events, but few people will notice the invisible environmental factors behind them. Just like a person who is often sick with headache and treating only the symptoms but not the root cause.

IPCC pointed out that if people do not take immediate action to reduce carbon, the earth's temperature will increase by 4 degrees C at the end of twenty-first Century, and the sea level will rise by nearly 1 meter. After the IPCC report, scientists have found that several glaciers in the western Antarctica have already begun to disintegrate, and the global sea level may increase by 4 meters in 200 years. Human resources are almost impossible to save, and human civilization is in jeopardy.

IPCC has forecasted the average global temperature. The black line on the left is the temperature measured in the past. The red line on the right is the result of human beings not taking action about it that almost everyone can live to see the disastrous consequences; the blue line is in accordance with the IPCC recommendation and after 15 years of hard work that may slow down global warming.

Is it good enough to just plant more trees and utilize more renewable energy?

The IPCC report suggests that the world should change its energy production mode completely within fifteen years from the transfer of high-carbon fuels to low-carbon energy sources such as wind, solar energy, nuclear energy, and carbon capture technology (which can retrieve carbon dioxide from exhaust gas and store it) in Firepower plants, etc.

Why do they persist on vegetarian diet?

Chinese and foreign celebrities talk about vegetarianism

Meng Zi, a Chinese thinker, politician and educator

"Here's the perception of a gentleman on animals.... Seeing them alive, can not bear to see them die. Hearing their sound, can not bear to eat their meat. Therefore gentlemen stay away from the kitchen"

Su Shi, a writer of the Northern Song Dynasty in China

" When men destroy life, thus, violate the five constant virtues; killing others to feed oneself is heartless; breaking up families to treat friends and relatives is injustice; extending one's life and suffer as retribution from knife and anvil is unwise; set up baits to lure into traps is distrustful; Oh, human living in this mundane world, one's conduct and deeds are based on the five constant virtues as criterion, fully aware with willful violations, how can one be called a man!"

The great revolutionary forerunner of China, Sun Zhongshan

"Going vegetarian is a wonderful way to prolong life which has been recognized by scientists, hygienists, physiologists and medical scientists today. The Chinese, in particular, should be vegetarians. Tofu alone can be regarded similarly as meat" ("the plan for nation building")

The sage hero of India- Gandhi

"I do think that human beings have to stop killing animals only to meet their desires if they want to improve their spiritual life.

Bill Gates said publicly: "the earth's future depends on a vegetarian diet, our environment needs to get rid of these animal food."

The president of the United States, Obama's family, is a vegetarian and they appeal:'Every family can make the most important contribution to the world by adopting a pure lifestyle. This change is really urgent, and it is also the biggest contribution of the individual to the world."

Irish writer Bernard Shaw

At the age of 25, Bernard Shaw started a vegetarian diet. When he reached old age, at one time, someone asked him why he looked so young. He replied," It's not that I look younger than my age. My appearance corresponds to my age. Other just look older than their age. Precisely, people eating carcass are like this. what can they expect? "It's dreadful. Besides the pain and death of animals, it is unnecessary for human beings to repress the essence of their noble spirit: turning back their sympathy and mercy to all animals, moreover, they even become cruel persons."

Da Vince, an artist from Italy

"Indeed, man is the master of all animals because his cruelty is more than any animal. With the death of others, in exchange for one's own life. Our body has become a graveyard! I have abandoned eating meat since young age. In the future, people will see killing human and killing animals being not two different things, and the day will come." "The man who disrespect life is not worthy of life."

The ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras

"My friends, do not let the sin food taint your body. There are corn, fruits hanging from the tree , and grapes from the vineyard for us to eat. There are even more sweet, edible plants and vegetables. The earth has provided us with sumptuous guileless food and great meal that need not to slaughter to obtain." He also paid the fishermen to set free their catches.

American scientist Franklin

"Franklin was a vegetarian at the age of 16. In his notes, "eating vegetarian food makes the mind clear, the thought keen, and great progress." In his autobiography, he called meat " murder for no cause and no reason".

Russian writer-Leo Tolstoy

Tolstoy became a vegetarian in 1885. He advocated "vegetarian pacifism". So he wrote in his work: "eating meat is simply unethical, because it involves action against morality - killing." He believes that vegetarianism is a strict test of humanitarianism.

"When our bodies are the graveyards for the killing of animals, how can we expect the world to have an ideal state?"

"Vegetarianism can be used as a standard to learn the heart of human in pursuit of morality is true and sincere."

"The benefit of meat is only increasing animal's emotion, stimulating sexual desire, and increasing violent drinking and addiction in eating, that's all"

Theoretical Physicist: Albert Einstein

"I think the attitude of a vegetarian is purely physical balance, which has beneficial influence to human beings."

Dr. Miller, American nutritionist and medical scientist

" If we are partial to all kinds of meats in our diet, the body will have many illnesses because meats lack vitamins, calcium, and carbohydrates. Also, meat accumulate waste, toxins from the disease, and putrefaction after slaughtering. That's why, the waste and toxic substances must be excreted. After a long time, we will have all kinds of complications which is dispirited, debilitating and becoming an incompetent person."

American surgeon-John Harvey Kellogg

"Meat is not the best nourishment for human beings, nor is it the food of our primitive ancestors. They are secondary and indirectly acquired products because all foods initially come from plants. For all the necessary nutrition and tasty things that are obtained from meat come from plants. Everyone calls a dead cow or a sheep laying on the graveyard, a stinky body. The carcass after being cut up and hang on the stall of the butcher, is called food. If we use microscope to examine the two carcasses, we might find very little or no difference at all. Both are filled with colonic bacteria with a strong odor of decay.

British dramatist, critic George Bernard Shaw

"Animals are my friends, and I don't eat my friends."

Jacky Cheung

Jacky Cheung is addicted to vegetarian food. He is not at all tempted to eat exotic delicacies. He plans to allow his body to continue in long term vegetarian environmental protection. He has a great sense of achievement in telling people the benefits of being vegetarian, for example, sweat is not stinky, good spirit, and improvement in skin condition..

Faye Wong

Fading out from the music business for many years, Faye Wong was chosen by the animal loving people as the sexiest vegetarian female in Asia. Qiu Likuan, the broker, upon hearing that Faye Wong won the prize, laughed and said, "she has been eating side dishes for 2 years mainly for conveniences". She also reveals that many of the friends are mutually influencing each other in following the footstep. But the husband of Faye Wong, Li Yapeng ,is not a vegetarian. Qiu Likuan added: Faye Wong has always been a compassionate, merciful lady who has done a lot of good deeds that did not make public. "

Feng Xiao Gang

The reporter asked Feng Xiaogang what's his favorite dish that he made for himself, and Xu Fan revealed unexpectedly," he is a vegetarian". The media speculated that Feng Xiaogang is a vegetarian for physical reasons, but Xu Fan denied that and explained it is because of habit. He also said that lunch is the most important meal for him. "Now we say three meals a day, but for me, is five meals a day which includes past ten in the morning, and three or four in the afternoon snack. "I think snack time is very important. It is the time to relax and enjoy."

Meng Tingwe

Meng Tingwei vowed to become a vegetarian 8 years ago when his dog suffered from canine distemper. Now not only a devout Buddhist, he vowed to sing only Buddhist songs after quitting the music business. He lived alone in Taipei, doing morning and evening prayers, reading, and attending Dharma services.

Li Yixiang (movie king of Henan)

Vegetarianism is very environmentally friendly. Animal husbandry has a very big impact on global warming. Appropriate vegetarian diet is also very good for physical health., I call on everyone to abstain from meat every Tuesday to slowly change the eating habits. Cutting down meat consumption, one will find slow changes in the body, be healthy and more refreshed! At the same time, contributing to environmental protection, why not?

Wan Fang

At one time, Taiwan singer Lin Wanfang vowed to be a vegetarian for the sake of a family member. She started on the first and fifteen of the month to be on vegetarian diet. She then felt better, lighter, and comfortable compared to when she was consuming meat. So, from twice a month "vegetarian diet", she became a long term vegetarian. Being thin, her physical strength is not good, and easily catches cold. After being a vegetarian, she did not often get sick, feel happy. Seeing her in front of the radio and on stage and didn't feel tired at all is a clear proof.

Kelly Lin

Due to her skin allergy, Kelly Lin was on a vegetarian diet and also abstained from eggs and milk for half a year. Friends thought that it was due to her religious beliefs which cause headache for them to treat her in looking for places serving vegetarian food. After a year and a half of recuperation, her allergy did not occur. She has a figure greatly admired by others. Now being a vegetarian, she explained it is not for weight control but rather for health reason. Being a vegetarian and shooting movie in Beijing did not post a problem because she loves Beijing dumpling the most.

Lin Cheng

The earliest famous singer in the mainland, who has been working on vegetarian lifestyle for years, has publicized vegetarian life in CCTV several years ago

Zhou Yanhong

The famous singer said, her slim figure is not due to weight loss, but eating vegetarian food often from practicing Buddhism.

Most current global trend

German government new regulations in 2017 "government functions serve vegetarian food"!

A recent news from the German Ministry of the Environment has made headlines. Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks officially announced that in the future, the Federal Ministry of the Environment’s official meal and event dinner, “We only offer vegetarian food”.

Germany has always been known for its environmental protection. This regulation is also aimed at fighting climate change. The declaration detailed the "negative effects of meat consumption" and the government's obligation to lead in environmental protection.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection said: We are not telling everyone what they should eat. We just want to do a good demonstration of climate protection, because vegetarians are better able to fight climate change than meat and fish eater.

They no longer provide meat, fish, and any food containing meat and fish.

At the same time, it is emphasized that "food supplied in official activities should only be organic, and seasonal local ingredients so that there is no need for long-distance transportation" Under the same conditions, the products of fair trade are preferred.”

The Ministry of the environment replied, "We do not want to preach anyone about eating habits." We want to set a good example because vegetarianism is more environmentally friendly than eating meat and fish! ... Reducing meat consumption is crucial to curbing climate change! This is why our future official activities only provide vegetarian food.” "The consumption of meat products has a negative and undeniable negative impact on the entire environment. We hope to make people aware of this.”

According to the report of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, animal husbandry is the main source of greenhouse gases, accounting for 15% of global emissions, exceeding the sum of all vehicle emissions.

According to research conducted by Oxford Martin School in the United Kingdom:

The diet of dairy eggs can reduce carbon emissions by 63%, while vegetarian diet can reduce carbon emissions by up to 70% The carbon footprint of meat and dairy products tops all food carbon footprints.

In addition, people’s consumption of fish, eggs and milk has already exceeded the level that the Earth can bear!

Take fish as an example. The report of the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations shows that nearly 90% of the world's fish stocks have been completely caught or endangered.

In the 1960s, the per capita fish consumption in the world was only about 10 kilograms, and now it is as high as 22 kilograms. If this continues to develop, there will be no fish in the earth’s ocean before 2048.

"It is a battle to prevent the devastating effect of meat consumption on this planet. As a government department, we have an obligation to set an example, hoping to draw attention and reflection on the consumption of meat and its side effects."

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Don’t know if you have been left behind?

The new appointed mayor of Italy led the public to abandon meat first day she took office.

義大利有史以來最年輕的女市長,31歲的Chiara Appendino在上任都靈市長時,做了一件事情震驚了整個義大利,大家都知道義大利臘腸聞名全世界,她卻勸當地人棄肉食素。 Appendino擔任市長的第一周,沒有新官上任三把火,而是向全民發出「構建全素食都靈,我們都是純素人」的號召,意圖將都靈打造成義大利第一個素食城市。 都靈,義大利排名第三大城市,人口達220餘萬,曾是歐洲政治中心,如今是歐洲最重要的工業、商業和貿易的集散地。 這位義大利有史以來最年輕、最貌美的女市長,卻把推動蔬食和純素飲食作為她的首要工作。

本地的肉類生產商發出了抗議,如果都靈人都吃素,則當地的特色菜鮪魚小牛肉、金槍魚汁小牛肉、巴羅洛葡萄酒燉牛肉等都將退出餐桌,那他們即將面臨著失業。 去年,當世界衛生組織宣布,醃肉屬於致癌物,比如火腿,香腸,薩拉米臘腸等,義大利的肉類生產商也曾強烈反對,稱這樣的分類是「肉食恐怖主義」。 面對肉類生產商的嗆聲,Appendino不為所動並鄭重地向市民承諾,構建全素都靈是長久之戰,人們的生活不會因此而變壞,只會越來越好。



Appendino是一名忠實的純素食主義者,她認為無肉製品、甚至是無乳製品生活的推廣是維護身體健康、保護生態環境及保障動物生存的關鍵所在。 為了更好地實行都靈全素計劃,Appendino還任命本身已有二十年的食素經歷Stefania Giannuzzi為環境委員。 眾所周知,義大利人愛吃肉,具有地中海特色的義大利菜離不開肉,但是近幾年,越來越多的義大利人以比薩餅、麵食和蔬菜取代了牛排、肉片、雞腿。 據統計,義大利有超過150萬的純素食主義者,部分地區的食素人口比例占10—18%。



What if the world becomes vegetarian?




「大多數人根本不會考慮食物對氣候變化的影響,」英國利茲大學的糧食安全專家蒂姆·本頓(Tim Benton)指出,「但事實上,只要我們少吃哪怕一點點肉,就能大大造福我們的子孫後代。」

牛津大學未來食物項目的研究員馬可·斯普林曼(Marco Springmann)試圖量化素食的益處。他們建立了相關的計算機模型,可以預測出如果所有人在2050年前都變成了素食主義者,會發生什麼情況。